Absolute Must Have Products for Your Newborn Baby

Bringing a newborn baby home is one of the unexplained joys that parents face. Your primary responsibility as a new mum or dad is to make sure that the baby is happy, healthy, and comfortable.

Visiting baby stores while pregnant opens you to a whole new world of items that your baby will need in their first few months on earth.

Do you really need all those things on the shelves? Probably not!

However, there are a few essential items that will come in handy in your parenthood journey. Find a list of some of the products your precious little child will need and why you should get them.

Cot/Bassinet, Blankets, Sheets, and Mattress Protector

Depending on where you want the baby to be sleeping you can either get a bassinet or go straight for the cot. Regardless of the product you go for, always make sure that you get a proper mattress, sheets, blankets, and a mattress protector.

It is a good idea to have an extra set of blankets and linens so that you can change them often if the baby wets them.


You will change your baby a lot especially in the first few weeks. Have enough diapers or nappies so that you do not risk running out at crucial times. Be sure to get the correct size so that the little human will be comfortable and dry. While changing there is an option of using wipes or a washcloth with warm water.


There are times baby will cry or be restless for a long period even after you are tried to comfort, feed, or change them. The good old pacifier can be a life-saver during this stressful moments. It is advisable to buy the natural orthodontic design that is easy to clean and will protect your baby’s future teeth.

Baby Wraps

Swaddling is a stage you cannot skip with newborns. For this, you will need a few wraps that will get the job done right. There is an option of getting muslin cloth but if you do not like this you can go for the material you prefer.


Often, you will only know if your child is sick if they have a fever. For this reason, it is crucial to have a baby thermometer when dealing with a small child. It is recommended that you get a digital thermometer because it will give you more accurate results.


Children do not need plenty of clothes when they are younger. One pieces are, nonetheless, a wardrobe essential and are great for your baby who will spend most of their time sleeping and snuggling. You will also love them because they are easy to put on and remove.

Additionally, it would be ideal to have a stock of bibs or clothes pieces that you will use during burb time so that the child does not constantly make their outfits dirty.

Baby Tub

Bath time become a lot more fun and easy when you have a tiny tub that is specially designed for your newborn. Some even come with convenient sponge inserts or foam pads. Remember to get washcloths, bath towels, and baby-friendly soap and shampoo to get the baby clean.

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