7 Essential Items for a Beach Holiday

Everyone loves a holiday on a beach. The sun, sand and the sea offers tranquillity that contrasts the hassle and bustle of the day to day jobs. The eager with which we look forward to such a getaway is only gloomed by having to decide what to pack.

Having essential items for your beach holiday helps avoid unnecessary luggage while ensuring you have everything you need for an enjoyable vacation.

This article highlights 7 must-have items for a perfect beach holiday.

Travel Essentials.

For the beach holiday to happen, you’ll have to travel. Having the necessary documents will make your travel easy. Travelling to a foreign country will require you to pack your passport, Travel insurance documents, flight tickets and bookings/ accommodation confirmations.

Beach Wear

These include;

1. A pair of Goggles

It can get tiresome when trying to keep your head up while swimming. Goggles let you swim with ease as you will not have to worry about water getting into your eyes.
Also, goggles will let you view the beauty of coral reefs and fish, especially where the waters are clear.

2. A sun hats.

Beach holidays and lots of sun exposure go hand in hand. Too much sun exposure, however, can cause skin irritation on your face and shoulders. Sun hats are specifically designed to shade your skin from the sun. and they are very easy to pack.

3. Sunglasses.

Like a sun hat, sunglasses are vital when it comes to countering effects of sun exposure, this time to your eyes.
Not only do sunglasses keep off harmful sunrays but they’ll also let you check out other people without having to worry about getting caught.

4. Swimsuits

pack at least 2 swimsuits where tops and bottoms mix and match. This will ease coordination giving you lots of options without having the need of carrying many swimsuits.

5. Flip flops and sandals for when you walking on the sand

Smart Phone, charger and selfie stick.
Beach holidays avails perfect spots for that poster fit photographs. Capture the best images of yourself on the beautiful landscapes all the while staying in touch with your loved ones.

Technology advancements have facilitated the development of mobile phones that are waterproof. These allow you to capture breathtaking underwater images.

Tanning Lotions and Skincare

Sun exposure acts on your skin depriving it of its moisture and essential oils effects of which can even cause wrinkles.

Applying tanning lotions, whose primary goal is to moisturize the skin, will help prevent the dry and flaky skin and replenish lost moistures and essential oils.

Outdoor tanning lotions also help in the production of melanin by increasing blood flow to the skin. This natural pigmentation, in turn, reduces the amount of time spent in the sun looking for that perfect tan. It also enhances your appearance as it leaves the skin looking smooth and healthy.


We all are aware of the massive benefits that come with reading. Perusing your favourite author’s work qualifies for quality time as you lay on the sand waiting for your tan. Books are also great conversation starters and will help you socialize.

Evening outfits.

Since no one plans to remain confined in the hotel room all night, it makes sense to carry some clothes for when you go for dinner and do a little mingling. It is usually warmer along the coastal region light clothing will do.

A water-resistant portable speaker.

Few things compare to the therapeutic effect of your favourite ballads playing as you relax on the sandy beaches or stroll around. This you won’t regret.

Avoiding anything that can be bought at your destined place will help you avoid a lot of luggage that would otherwise prove costly at the airport.
Examples of such items are all toiletries and non-prescription medicine.

Now that you know how to prepare for your long-awaited vacation, be sure to send me a postcard. Happy holidays.

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