Why You Should to Wear a Hat While Hiking

Everybody loves hiking, but the whole fun filled activity can turn tragedy if accident occurs.This can be caused if person falls done or something falls on him and injure him.Therefore, before proceeding with hiking the hiker should put their safety as priority number one,this because some accident can be life threatening if the hiker is hit severely on the head by falling debris.Hiker participating in the hiking activity should make sure that he wear approved head protecting gear.

Most people prefer hard hats for it protect the head of which is most valuable assets, for it carries the essential organs and any injure on any the organ can leave life time negative impact on the hiker. The Hard hats protect the hiker if they bump their heads against stationary objects especially rocks.

Hard hats will protect hiker if heavy rock debris fall onto them, it should be remembered that,if hiking is being done in mountainous area rock fall should be expected.Rock fall may vary in size some as small as fist while other as big as the head of full grown person.Therefore, the bigger the rock the high the impact, the hat will only be able to protect the hiker from medium sized rocks, the big can be avoided by only avoiding region which are experiencing frequent rock fall.

Apart from things falling from above. the hiker can accidentally fall down the hat will be able to protect the head. Research done show that accident of hiker falling those with hat are able to survive from life threatening accident while those without most of the them loss their life on the spot after the fall impact.

Direct sunshine can pose danger to hiker especially if the skin is very sensitive to direct sun rays.The hat will be able protect the individual from those sun burns.

Sometime hiking can be challenging especially if in the hiking day there is hail fall,the hat will protect the wearer from the direct impacts of the hail fall which can cause accident if they fall on unprotected head.Also being rained on with water at that long temperature can lead to cold or other related ailment,every effort should be put in place to protect the hiker form it.

The hat can also safe the hiker in case of the fire accident. It is able to safe the essential head organs from burn

Getting lost while hiking is a common scenario, because of the conspicuous color of the hat, the search team is able to locate the lost hiker easily for longer delay in finding them can turn tragedy, if hiking is carried out in areas infested by wild animal. Apart from being located by search team lost hiker can be able to see their team mate in case he get lost. Its color enables easy visibility in both day and night.

When buying hat consider the one with hard outer shell and shock absorbing lining and includes straps that suspends the shell from 1 to 1.8 inches away from the head.


When hiking you should always wear a protective hiking hat no matter what!

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