Best amazing cafes in the US

A great cafe is not just about the quality of coffee or your espresso but also the ambiance, the feel, and happiness it gets you going. It’s more about the special moments you spend being there to escape the hush-hush life and enjoy the peace, music, and surroundings.

Today in every community within our vicinity, you must have seen at least one coffee hotspot- a perfect hideout space for meeting friends or working on official stuff. Here, we bring to you the best cafes in the US that are not just iconic but also give you a feeling of home away from home.

  • Oddly Correct, Kansas City

Oddly is known for its surprisingly rich coffee in the city of Kansas. The excellent cups for pour-over are made with Kalita Wave drippers. It has the best coffee and you must not miss one.

  • French Press

French press is a large part of Santa Barbara and holds a farmers market in their parking lot. They have also got one of the top baristas in the world behind the bar and pride themselves on the great customer service for the coffee knowledge. They offer equal parts of the bakery, coffee roaster, and community center. 

  • Cafe Du Monde

Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans is an amazing spot. It is a snobbery-free zone that has earned a unique spot for being the oldest shops in the US. It has a unique embrace of Chicory flavoring and legendary beignets. 

  • Heart Coffee, Portland 

This has a Scandanavian influenced design. They don’t deliver the cold brew because it doesn’t meet their standard flavor. They are highly transparent with their roasting practices that the cafe is built around a black Probat roasting machine. It allows customers to have a first-hand look at their craft.

  • Seattle Coffee works

Seattle Coffee works claims to be the only active roastery in the Emerald City’s downtown. In the slow bar, patrons can pick up and choose from a variety of beans and brewing methods and can compare the tastes of single-origin brews. They can even test the cutting edge of coffee technology.

  • Little Owl Coffee

Little Owl coffee in Denver has the most authentic Italian coffee in Mile High City. It serves locally roasted beans from Sweet bloom and commonwealth. Here you will find a top-notch pastry selection with offerings of ham and cheese.

  • Saint Frank, San Francisco

There are many big-city coffee shops but Saint frank is all about a serene coffee experience. Here you will find a perfect soothing experience, blonde oak walls, skylights. They use espresso in everything they prepare from lattes to housemade almond milk.

These are some of the amazing cafes you can explore for some great coffee where in some it is made from bean-to-cup, or in an open kitchen with some great music. You can have some enjoyable me-time gazing over the large bay windows watching people pass by or enjoying an amazing read in beautiful weather.…

Best skyline cities of the world

A gorgeous skyline with an amazing view is one of the iconic features that the big cities often boast about. You will be amazed to know that these skylines are not just adorned by the big cities like New York City or Hong Kong. 

Multiple cities across the world have awesome jaw-dropping views to offer. If you love to watch the bright lights, huge buildings, amazing architecture and would love to explore on your next holiday then we have compiled a super stunning list for you.

  • Houston, Texas

Houston is the most popular city in Texas and its skyline offers a super amazing view. It has more than 40 high-rise buildings that are more than 425 feet and the views are eye-captivating. 

  • London, England

The skyline in London is one of those that can easily be recognized. It includes some of the famous buildings like- Palace of Westminster, London Eye, Big Ben, Pinnacle, and Tower 42. It is a combination of tall and not-so-tall buildings and you won’t ever get tired of watching the mesmerizing view.

  • Paris

The City of love has one of the most recognizable skylines. The iconic Eiffel tower of course is quite popular but you will come to access tons of buildings, familiar and unfamiliar in this city. The way buildings are arranged appears to be unique, interesting and makes you look at the skyline for longer.

  • San Francisco

The city is known not just for the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge but also the adjacent skyline. It is a unique city in numerous ways, the lights, tall buildings, and awesome designs make it beautiful. 

  • Shanghai, China

When we are talking about skylines, we cannot forget Shanghai. It is not just the populous city in the world but it also offers the most amazing eye-catching skylines. Not all of them are tall, but they do come in different designs, colors and of course differ in height. Some of the popular sights include- Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai Tower. If you are in awe of skylines then Shanghai is the city for you as it has skylines with lots of colors and aspiring architecture.

  • Singapore
    Singapore offers a great skyline and the city has been formed with city-wide planning regulations. There is a height restriction of 280 meters for all buildings and that is the reason that this city offers consistency and style that won’t be found in other cities of the world. This city is a great highlight of the South East Asian Region.
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It is known for its beautiful skylines, the world and the skyline of this city allow it to stand apart boldly. 10 structures in the city stand over 200 meters but are highly distinctive like the Petrona towers also known as the tallest twin buildings. Another popular tower is Menara Kuala Lumpur which is 420 meters in the world.

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Dubai has one of the most beautiful and biggest skylines in the world. The city is known for its mix-matched sea, wealth, architecture and has seen sprawling growth in recent years. You will be amazed to learn that 33 of its structures reach over 200 meters that were built in the last 15 years. These structures offer beautiful sights and nothing can beat the beauty of Burj Khalifa- the tallest building in the world. It is 828 meters and can be seen from anywhere in Dubai. 

  • Tokyo, Japan

This densely populated city of Japan flashes neon lights and high-rise buildings. Flashing red lights at the top of every building in the city under the view of Mount Fui range offers significant views. It is known for its skyline which means business.

  • New York, USA

NYC boasts of the best skyline in the world and is the most easily recognizable due to its featuring in the many blockbusters. It has iconic, identifiable buildings like the – Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and looking at them from offshore makes the view much more stunning. There are more than 45 buildings that are over 200 meters.

  • Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong has gained a top position in terms of high skylines. It is known for its modern architecture and skyscrapers. It has a whopping number of 45 buildings that are all 200 meters tall and 4 of these buildings are the tallest in the world. It is a major seaport known as the financial center and business hub. It has the best skyline to have the best pictures in the world and is a complete paradise.

These are the cities that boast amazing architecture, beautiful skylines, and stunning views. If you have not visited them then get your backpacks ready to explore these aw dropping locations that have a lot to offer apart from the skyrocketing skylines.…

Best places to travel and enjoy monsoon in the world.

Monsoon has its charm and the beauty of nature during the time of monsoon is simply unmatched & beyond words. Most of the time travellers avoid visiting during the monsoon season but believe us monsoon will bring along unforgettable experiences followed by lush greenery and the beauty of nature. 

The roaring waterfalls, streams, the foggy surroundings, and the amazing smell of the soil all drenched in rain offers an all-new exquisiteness of nature. Here we bring to you some of the best locations to visit during this beautiful time. 

  • Mexico 
    Mexico, the North American country is one such bliss to visit during the monsoons. The period for monsoon in Mexico runs from May or June to October. You will enjoy and would get to experience the rich greenery of the country with really interesting outdoor activities.
  • Philippines 
    Philipines is the best place to go for surfing at Siargao Island. During the time of monsoon, the winds bring along the best surfing waves. All in all, enjoy the perfect weather, drenched in rain, swim in the hot springs, or go for a walk with your loved one. Your monsoon travel will be more exciting than you have ever thought. 
  • Costa Rica 

Costa Rica becomes a wild beauty at the time of monsoons. Many would advise you to avoid traveling to Costa Rica during monsoons but the rich green beauty, wildlife is something which should not be missed. If you love greenery and want to be close to nature then explore this place during this time. 

  • India 

In India, the monsoon period typically spans between June to August. The best place to head onto during this time is the Valley of The Flowers in Uttarakhand. At the time of monsoon, western Himalayas get decorated with beautiful alpine flowers, and visiting here is no less than heaven’s place. And if you love beaches, you can visit Goa and have an awesome holiday. At the time of monsoon, it is all romantic, full of greenery and beautiful.

  • Singapore 
    In Singapore, you will be amazed to learn that there are two rainy seasons in a year. On top of that if you are a big-time foodie then it is the perfect time to fulfill your experiences. It is the perfect time to visit as the Singapore food festival is organized during that time. 
  • Thailand 
    The monsoon in the region of Thailand is much more than just the rains. The most dominant season in Thailand is the monsoon making it completely lush green, and a paradise. At the time of monsoon, you get to enjoy cooler weather as compared to the hot and humid tropical weather. You should visit Koh Samui, Koh Tao, and Koh Phangan for the best experience.
  • Japan 
    When it comes to monsoon, one should not miss Japan as well. Though it is not as popular as the other places yes it becomes drop-dead gorgeous in monsoons. Popularly known as the land of the rising sun, the famous Hydrangea flower blooms during this season that marks the beginning of the monsoon. Due to this, the Hydrangeas Festival is celebrated in Tokyo. 

So this is the list of places which you should never miss. If you are a true ardent fan of rains and want to enjoy the greenery while getting drenched in the rains then these places are a must to visit. Explore these hidden gems and make your travel a memorable experience.…

Amazing Destinations That Most People Rarely Know About

When it comes to traveling, we most of the time find ourselves traveling to the same places over and over. This could be because we don’t know any other place, or just we want to continue enjoying the same experiences. 

No matter the reasons, there are some places that most people never know about. These are places that are hidden from the eyes of everyone. But when you discover some of these places you would never wish to go to any other place. 

This article will share with you amazing destinations that most people rarely know about. Don’t forget to pack accordingly! For some, this means looking good every day. Guys should try the travel size Andrew James Hair pomades, which are perfect for styling on the go. OK, Try out these places and enjoy what they have to offer. 

  • Bali

If you love volcanoes, beaches, jungles sheltering elephants, Komodo dragons, tigers, orangutans, then Bali Indonesia is the place to visit. It’s basically a paradise in the world. Once you at this place it doesn’t matter what you love, you will be sure to find something interesting to enjoy. This is because you will find more than you can explore at once. 

People who visit Bali once go back. They go to continue exploring and adventuring on different things that could make it easy for anyone to enjoy their vacation. 

Even before you travel to Bali, check different pictures online. See what other travelers say about Bali. You will be amazed by the love that people pour into this part of the world. 

The truth is the love is not just in vain. There is a whole story behind all the fans that we would find over this area. It’s more than anyone would enjoy elsewhere in one place. 

Probably you have doubted different pictures that you have seen on social media. The truth is, you will find Bali exactly like you have seen in most pictures making rounds on social media. 

So, plan and visit Bali for your holiday. Go and enjoy what this part of the world has to offer. You will definitely love it there. 

  • New Orleans 

If you love traveling to the cities around the world, then New Orleans is the place to be. It’s a city like no other city you will find around the world. One thing you will love about New Orleans is the fun and liveliness that you will find in this part of the world. 

The city streets are vibrant with festive vibes and street music. It’s like living in a dream or movies that never ends. This is because New Orleans will treat you to all these amazing features. 

And it doesn’t matter where you come from. When you come to this city, you will just blend in. It’s a center and melting of American, French, and African cultures. You will find places, people, and activities that you can connect with when you travel to this part of the world. 

The city is packed with every fun and adventurous experience you would wish to have for yourself. And this is why it’s a must-visit for anyone who love’s cities. It a city that will leave you wanting to visit again and again. 

Plan and visit any of these places. You will enjoy the experience.