Best skyline cities of the world

A gorgeous skyline with an amazing view is one of the iconic features that the big cities often boast about. You will be amazed to know that these skylines are not just adorned by the big cities like New York City or Hong Kong. 

Multiple cities across the world have awesome jaw-dropping views to offer. If you love to watch the bright lights, huge buildings, amazing architecture and would love to explore on your next holiday then we have compiled a super stunning list for you.

  • Houston, Texas

Houston is the most popular city in Texas and its skyline offers a super amazing view. It has more than 40 high-rise buildings that are more than 425 feet and the views are eye-captivating. 

  • London, England

The skyline in London is one of those that can easily be recognized. It includes some of the famous buildings like- Palace of Westminster, London Eye, Big Ben, Pinnacle, and Tower 42. It is a combination of tall and not-so-tall buildings and you won’t ever get tired of watching the mesmerizing view.

  • Paris

The City of love has one of the most recognizable skylines. The iconic Eiffel tower of course is quite popular but you will come to access tons of buildings, familiar and unfamiliar in this city. The way buildings are arranged appears to be unique, interesting and makes you look at the skyline for longer.

  • San Francisco

The city is known not just for the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge but also the adjacent skyline. It is a unique city in numerous ways, the lights, tall buildings, and awesome designs make it beautiful. 

  • Shanghai, China

When we are talking about skylines, we cannot forget Shanghai. It is not just the populous city in the world but it also offers the most amazing eye-catching skylines. Not all of them are tall, but they do come in different designs, colors and of course differ in height. Some of the popular sights include- Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai Tower. If you are in awe of skylines then Shanghai is the city for you as it has skylines with lots of colors and aspiring architecture.

  • Singapore
    Singapore offers a great skyline and the city has been formed with city-wide planning regulations. There is a height restriction of 280 meters for all buildings and that is the reason that this city offers consistency and style that won’t be found in other cities of the world. This city is a great highlight of the South East Asian Region.
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It is known for its beautiful skylines, the world and the skyline of this city allow it to stand apart boldly. 10 structures in the city stand over 200 meters but are highly distinctive like the Petrona towers also known as the tallest twin buildings. Another popular tower is Menara Kuala Lumpur which is 420 meters in the world.

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Dubai has one of the most beautiful and biggest skylines in the world. The city is known for its mix-matched sea, wealth, architecture and has seen sprawling growth in recent years. You will be amazed to learn that 33 of its structures reach over 200 meters that were built in the last 15 years. These structures offer beautiful sights and nothing can beat the beauty of Burj Khalifa- the tallest building in the world. It is 828 meters and can be seen from anywhere in Dubai. 

  • Tokyo, Japan

This densely populated city of Japan flashes neon lights and high-rise buildings. Flashing red lights at the top of every building in the city under the view of Mount Fui range offers significant views. It is known for its skyline which means business.

  • New York, USA

NYC boasts of the best skyline in the world and is the most easily recognizable due to its featuring in the many blockbusters. It has iconic, identifiable buildings like the – Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and looking at them from offshore makes the view much more stunning. There are more than 45 buildings that are over 200 meters.

  • Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong has gained a top position in terms of high skylines. It is known for its modern architecture and skyscrapers. It has a whopping number of 45 buildings that are all 200 meters tall and 4 of these buildings are the tallest in the world. It is a major seaport known as the financial center and business hub. It has the best skyline to have the best pictures in the world and is a complete paradise.

These are the cities that boast amazing architecture, beautiful skylines, and stunning views. If you have not visited them then get your backpacks ready to explore these aw dropping locations that have a lot to offer apart from the skyrocketing skylines.

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