Best places to travel and enjoy monsoon in the world.

Monsoon has its charm and the beauty of nature during the time of monsoon is simply unmatched & beyond words. Most of the time travellers avoid visiting during the monsoon season but believe us monsoon will bring along unforgettable experiences followed by lush greenery and the beauty of nature. 

The roaring waterfalls, streams, the foggy surroundings, and the amazing smell of the soil all drenched in rain offers an all-new exquisiteness of nature. Here we bring to you some of the best locations to visit during this beautiful time. 

  • Mexico 
    Mexico, the North American country is one such bliss to visit during the monsoons. The period for monsoon in Mexico runs from May or June to October. You will enjoy and would get to experience the rich greenery of the country with really interesting outdoor activities.
  • Philippines 
    Philipines is the best place to go for surfing at Siargao Island. During the time of monsoon, the winds bring along the best surfing waves. All in all, enjoy the perfect weather, drenched in rain, swim in the hot springs, or go for a walk with your loved one. Your monsoon travel will be more exciting than you have ever thought. 
  • Costa Rica 

Costa Rica becomes a wild beauty at the time of monsoons. Many would advise you to avoid traveling to Costa Rica during monsoons but the rich green beauty, wildlife is something which should not be missed. If you love greenery and want to be close to nature then explore this place during this time. 

  • India 

In India, the monsoon period typically spans between June to August. The best place to head onto during this time is the Valley of The Flowers in Uttarakhand. At the time of monsoon, western Himalayas get decorated with beautiful alpine flowers, and visiting here is no less than heaven’s place. And if you love beaches, you can visit Goa and have an awesome holiday. At the time of monsoon, it is all romantic, full of greenery and beautiful.

  • Singapore 
    In Singapore, you will be amazed to learn that there are two rainy seasons in a year. On top of that if you are a big-time foodie then it is the perfect time to fulfill your experiences. It is the perfect time to visit as the Singapore food festival is organized during that time. 
  • Thailand 
    The monsoon in the region of Thailand is much more than just the rains. The most dominant season in Thailand is the monsoon making it completely lush green, and a paradise. At the time of monsoon, you get to enjoy cooler weather as compared to the hot and humid tropical weather. You should visit Koh Samui, Koh Tao, and Koh Phangan for the best experience.
  • Japan 
    When it comes to monsoon, one should not miss Japan as well. Though it is not as popular as the other places yes it becomes drop-dead gorgeous in monsoons. Popularly known as the land of the rising sun, the famous Hydrangea flower blooms during this season that marks the beginning of the monsoon. Due to this, the Hydrangeas Festival is celebrated in Tokyo. 

So this is the list of places which you should never miss. If you are a true ardent fan of rains and want to enjoy the greenery while getting drenched in the rains then these places are a must to visit. Explore these hidden gems and make your travel a memorable experience.

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