Best amazing cafes in the US

A great cafe is not just about the quality of coffee or your espresso but also the ambiance, the feel, and happiness it gets you going. It’s more about the special moments you spend being there to escape the hush-hush life and enjoy the peace, music, and surroundings.

Today in every community within our vicinity, you must have seen at least one coffee hotspot- a perfect hideout space for meeting friends or working on official stuff. Here, we bring to you the best cafes in the US that are not just iconic but also give you a feeling of home away from home.

  • Oddly Correct, Kansas City

Oddly is known for its surprisingly rich coffee in the city of Kansas. The excellent cups for pour-over are made with Kalita Wave drippers. It has the best coffee and you must not miss one.

  • French Press

French press is a large part of Santa Barbara and holds a farmers market in their parking lot. They have also got one of the top baristas in the world behind the bar and pride themselves on the great customer service for the coffee knowledge. They offer equal parts of the bakery, coffee roaster, and community center. 

  • Cafe Du Monde

Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans is an amazing spot. It is a snobbery-free zone that has earned a unique spot for being the oldest shops in the US. It has a unique embrace of Chicory flavoring and legendary beignets. 

  • Heart Coffee, Portland 

This has a Scandanavian influenced design. They don’t deliver the cold brew because it doesn’t meet their standard flavor. They are highly transparent with their roasting practices that the cafe is built around a black Probat roasting machine. It allows customers to have a first-hand look at their craft.

  • Seattle Coffee works

Seattle Coffee works claims to be the only active roastery in the Emerald City’s downtown. In the slow bar, patrons can pick up and choose from a variety of beans and brewing methods and can compare the tastes of single-origin brews. They can even test the cutting edge of coffee technology.

  • Little Owl Coffee

Little Owl coffee in Denver has the most authentic Italian coffee in Mile High City. It serves locally roasted beans from Sweet bloom and commonwealth. Here you will find a top-notch pastry selection with offerings of ham and cheese.

  • Saint Frank, San Francisco

There are many big-city coffee shops but Saint frank is all about a serene coffee experience. Here you will find a perfect soothing experience, blonde oak walls, skylights. They use espresso in everything they prepare from lattes to housemade almond milk.

These are some of the amazing cafes you can explore for some great coffee where in some it is made from bean-to-cup, or in an open kitchen with some great music. You can have some enjoyable me-time gazing over the large bay windows watching people pass by or enjoying an amazing read in beautiful weather.

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